Keturah Hammond - Art & Design

Artist Statement

Growing up in Springfield, Vermont I was surrounded by the infinite beauty of nature. Constantly drawing, painting, and creating with whatever was at hand (whether with sticks and mud, pen and paper, or brush and paint) I was forever attempting to capture the world around me.

I was encouraged to explore my art and in middle school and high school I attended the Putney School and the Governer's Institute. After graduating high school I moved to Virginia and went to Hollins University where I discovered printmaking and oils. Although I had intended to major in Creative Writing, the pull of artistic expression was too intense. I ended up graduating with a major in Studio Art.

Like so many artists, I have struggled to find my way in the world outside the classroom. But in the ten years since college, my fascination with representation has never left me. I feel that I have finally discovered that elusive balance between survival and expression, and I will continue to push the limits of interpretation through my art.