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Artist Statement
Artist Statement
Golden Section No 7

Nature is such a formidable artist to compete with. Even at my most realistic, I do not ever expect to recreate the world with photographic realism. My paintings display the joy of drinking in a scene, whether that scene be a toothy mountain peak, a sweaty city skyline or a cathedral of clouds.

What appeals to me is the emotion that is drawn out through the physical feel of a loaded brush against toothy canvas. The contrasts of color and light also incite these emotions – the sharp edge of a light object against a dark one; the brilliance of blue adjacent to orange.

Georgia O´Keefe once said of her paintings, "I make them just to express myself – things I feel and want to say – haven´t words for. " As someone who has always struggled for the right words, it is essential for me to be able to use art as an outlet. It is my hope that those who view my work can sense the freedom I felt while creating them.